Sawyer Mini vs Squeeze: Two Portable Filtration Devices

The Sawyer Mini and the Sawyer Squeeze are filtration systems often used by backpackers for emergency situations, as well as for daily use. If you’re going to be backpacking for several days, it is important to have a water filtration system that you can use to have potable water every single day.

By using these filtration systems, you prevent dehydration while protecting yourself against harmful bacteria and protozoa. But the Sawyer Mini and the Squeeze are two filtration systems with different designs. Which to choose can be a bit confusing.

Since so many customers are wondering what the differences between the two, we have created this Sawyer Squeeze vs Mini comparison. We hope that in reading this review, you’ll be able to make an informed purchasing decision on a filtration system.

We will be covering all of the aspects that make the usage of these filtration systems different. Keep in mind that we are not biased towards any particular one, as both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Basic Specifications

Overall, the granularity of filtration that these systems provide are the same.

Sawyer Mini:
Removes 99.99999% of all bacteria
Removes 99.9999% of all protozoa

Sawyer Squeeze:
Removes 99.99999% of all bacteria
Removes 99.9999% of all protozoa

Both of these filtration systems produce the same quality filtered water. This is the highest quality filtration available on the market in terms of portable filtration systems.

Flow Rate

An often overlooked fact is that the flow rate of the Squeeze is 3 times higher than the Mini. While the Squeeze can fill up a bottle of water in under 20 seconds, the Mini fills up a water bottle in just under 1 minute.


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Life Expectancy

Here’s an important distinction between these two systems that might help you make your decision. The Squeeze last 10 times longer than the Mini. In other words, it can filter 10 times more contaminated water over its lifetime. While the Sawyer Squeeze can filter 1,000,000 gallons of contaminated water, the Mini can only filter 100,000 gallons. Realistically, you may never reach that 100,000 gallon mark, as this is a lot of water. But if you are also going to be boiling your water or providing water for a group of people, than the Squeeze might be a better bet.

Weight and Size

The Squeeze is double the weight of the Mini. It is also twice as large so it will not fit into your pockets as easily. The importance of this depends on how big your pockets are or where you are going to be carrying it around. Since the water inside of the filters can freeze, you will want to carry these devices near your person if you are going out in freezing temperatures. If temperatures are below freezing, simply put it in your pocket so that your body temperature keeps it warm. This is easier using the Sawyer Mini, as it will fit in your pocket much better.

Ease-of-use and Versatility

Both Sawyer systems are very easy to use. We don’t feel that one is easier to use than the other, as they are used in much the same way but for slightly different purposes.

For example, you get a straw attachment with the Sawyer Mini. This means that you will be able to drink directly from a source through the straw and filter.

But the Sawyer Squeeze has its own advantages. With the Squeeze, you can attach the nozzle to a faucet in order to filter water in a different city where water is questionable. There’s no such attachments with the Sawyer Mini.

On the other hand, the Sawyer Mini is best for use with inline systems. You can attach a water pouch or other water source on both ends in order to interchange contaminated water into filtered water.


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The Verdict

We do not have a preference between the Mini and the Squeeze. This is because they can be used for slightly different purposes. The Sawyer Mini being the smallest can fit better into your pockets. It can also be used inline to connect two water pouches. But the Squeeze can be attached to a faucet if the water conditions in a city are questionable.

The Squeeze can filter considerably more water at a time than the Mini, which makes it best for keeping a group of people hydrated. Although the Squeeze will last you 10 times longer, the gallons of water that you can filter with the Mini is also pretty hefty.

For the hiker who is only concerned about hydrating themselves and no one else, you might be better off with the Mini, especially if they have small pockets. But if you’re looking to dispense a large amount of water at a time, the Squeeze might be best for you.

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