Streamlight TLR-4 Review: Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Laser Sight

In this Streamlight 69240 TLR-4 review, we will go over what you need to know before purchasing this product. We have scoured the internet for the most detailed customer reviews in order to bring you this summary of the most important points to make about the TLR-4.

The Streamlight TLR-4 is a gun mountable LED light and laser. It comes with several rail clips that allow you to mount it to most types of guns such as compact, sub-compact, and full-sized handguns. The LED light and laser are extremely bright and will shine at long distances. The LED light beam is the focus in the center but also spreads around the edges.

Streamlight 69240 TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Laser Sight - 125 Lumens, Black

As with any of Streamlight’s products, the TLR-4 is a high-quality and durable LED flashlight. The casing is made of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy, which is ultra-lightweight and impact resistant.

One of the things that customers appreciate most is that Streamlight stands behind its products. You get a fast response with any questions or comments when contacting them, and they are also pretty quick with the shipping.

The customer reviews for this product are overwhelmingly positive. We have yet to see a negative comment left by a customer review that is backed up with any detail on a low rating.

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The Streamlight TLR-4 Flashlight Features

  • Weight: 2.9 ounces
  • Dimensions: 2.7 x 1.2 x 2 inches
  • On-off switch: The Streamlight TLR-4 has an ambidextrous on/off switch that can be put in momentary mode or in steady mode.
  • One-handed mount: The mount can be clipped onto a gun using only one hand and can be tightened safely using the rail clamp.
  • 3 selector modes: The TLR-4 can be set to one of three modes; laser only, LED, or both laser and LED.

Fits most guns:

The TLR-4 fits most compact, sub-compact, and full-sized handguns. The fitting of these guns is facilitated using the kit provided with this product.

Streamlight 69240 TLR-4 Compact Rail Mounted Tactical Light with Laser Sight - 125 Lumens, Black


The CLR-4 requires one CR2 battery, which is included in the package. The battery life runs at 1.5 hours while in LED/laser mode. While in laser-only mode, the battery runs for 11 continuous hours.

Lightweight and durable:

The casing is made from machined aircraft aluminum alloy with a black anodized finish. Using this alloy allows the TLR-4 to remain lightweight yet super durable and resistant to impact. The high-temperature glass lens will not shatter easily. The C4 LED light is completely shock-resistant since it requires no filaments to function. The LED technology has a 50,000 hour lifetime.

LED Output:

The brightness output of the LED is 110 lumens. It is produced as a concentrated beam with a peripheral illumination that is set to be optimal for a handgun. The 640-60nm red laser is optimized for long-range targeting.

Limited Lifetime Warranty:

The lifetime warranty for the Streamlight products accommodates manufacturing errors that might be discovered for the lifetime of the flashlight.


  • Very bright laser and LED light.
  • Stays nice and firm on the gun even after shooting many rounds.
  • The laser dot is usually 2″ lower than the actual target, but it is consistently this way instead of changing every time.
  • Comes with various rail adapters.


  • As with any gun mount, fitting this onto your gun will not allow the gun to fit into its holster.

Where to buy the Streamlight TLR-4

Streamlight 69240 TLR-4 170-Lumen Compact Rail...
  • 170 lumens, 3,300 candela peak beam intensity and 115 m beam distance

Streamlight TLR-4 : The Verdict

The Streamlight TLR-4 is currently one of the best gun mountable LED lights in wide production. It has been widely sold on Amazon where it garners a 4.5/5 star customer review rating.

There are not really any drawbacks to this product. We have attempted to find some negative reviews and potential flaws, and could not find any.

In our opinion, the TLR-4 is a reliable product, and coming from a reputable LED light company like Streamlight, we are not surprised.

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