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Pressure washers are an important part of anyone’s backyard. They come in very handy for pressure washing a house, as well as vehicles. The Sun Joe line has become very popular in recent years. They offer much value for a relatively low price.

If you’re reading this, you likely want to know the differences between the Sun Joe SPX 3000 vs the Sun Joe SPX 3001. We will cover what the differences are between the older and the newer model. But first, let us go over what they have in common.


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Commonalities Between The Sun Joe SPX 3000 And SPX 3001

If you are intent on purchasing either one of these products, it is important that you understand what makes them stand out among other pressure washer brands. After we have outlined what makes these pressure washers similar, we will be going over their differences in the following section.

As you may already know, the SPX 3001 is the newer model of the Sun Joe pressure washers. They have made a few improvements, but also have kept many of the same features.

Great features of the SPX 3000 and SPX 3001:

  • Same motor: Both of these Sun Joe pressure washers have the same motor. Their motors have 14.5 amps, or 1800 watts. They generate the same pressure at 2030 PSI.
  • Hose: The SPX 3000 and SPX 3001 both have a 20 foot hose. With the length of this hose, you will be able to reach up to a second-story of a building. Using the high pressure nozzle, you can clean the windows without needing a ladder.
  • Power cord: The power cord on these pressure washers measures 35 feet long. This ensures that you will be able to lug it around without needing to plug it into different sockets every time.
  • Bright color: These pressure washers come in bright colors so that you will always be able to find it whether it be in the middle of a fog, or in the middle of the night.
  • Pressure selection: You can choose from five different nozzles, each giving you a different pressure intensity. Pressure ranges are zero, 15, 25, and 40. 40 is the lowest pressure setting, while zero is the highest. Above and beyond the zero pressure setting is the detergent nozzle. You can select whether or not you want to use the detergent. The detergent is only available for the nozzle at the lowest pressure.
  • Garden hose adapter: The garden hose adapter is made of a metallic material. This makes it stronger and more durable than other adapters that are made of plastic. This will also help to prevent leaks, making it far less annoying than other pressure washers.
  • Wheels: These pressure washers have special carry wheels at the back of the system so that you can lug it around without actually needing to carry it.
  • Total stop system: The electronic stop system on these pressure washers allow the engines to be stopped when the pressure hose is not in use. This saves on power and increases the durability of the motor.
    • Comparing The Sun Joe SPX 3000 And The SPX 3001

      While most of the features of the Sun Joe SPX 3000s are similar, there are a few small differences. Below, we have listed each of these differences and explained which of these features these pressure washers belong to.

      • Design: This may not be that significant for some but you may have noticed that the Sun Joe SPX 3001 has a slightly different look than the SPX 3000. The SPX 3001 no longer has an all-around bright color. This does not make a huge difference, but we thought we would mention it.
      • Weight: There is only a slight difference in the weight of these models. While the Sun Joe SPX 3000 weighs 31 pounds, the SPX 3001 weighs a little bit more at 32 pounds.
      • Hose reel: Perhaps the biggest addition to the SPX 3001 is the hose reel. Instead of needing to wrap the hose around the side handle like you would with the SPX 3000, the SPX 3001 has a hose reel at the top. This makes cable management a lot easier and more organized.
      • Nozzle location: With the SPX 3001, the nozzle is now located at the front of the handle instead of at the back. Sun Joe has determined that this is the most ergonomic positioning.
      • Detergent tank: While the SPX 3000 has a dual detergent tank system, the SPX 3001 only has one detergent tank. There is also a difference between the sizes of these tanks. The SPX 3000 detergent tanks can hold 30 fl oz, while the SPX 3001 detergent tank can hold 40.6 fl oz.

      Price Comparison

      Since the SPX 3001 is a newer model, it will generally be more expensive than the SPX 3000. In order to view some of the cheapest prices available for the Sun Joe models, please see below:

      The Verdict

      As you can see from the descriptions above, each of the Sun Joe models have many of the same great features. It is really a tossup between the two. While the SPX 3001 has a hose reel and a better nozzle location, the SPX 3000 has a dual detergent tank. With this dual detergent tank, you can use two different types of soaps. If this feature appeals to you, perhaps the SPX 3000 would be best for you. The other benefit to purchasing the SPX 3000 would be the cheaper price, as it is an older model.

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