Yeti Hopper vs Roadie: Should You Go Soft Or Hard?

Yeti Hopper


Yeti Roadie

Traditional coolers are usually very heavy and should be lugged around in a vehicle. But at times, you want to be more mobile and have the ability to carry around your cooler wherever you go. If you will be needing to go some distances by foot, a portable cooler is essential.

Yeti is the maker of high-end, quality coolers. The ice coolers last for several days, and are top-of-the-line. Yeti makes two lines of portable coolers; the Hopper and the Roadie. Each of these are great for slightly different purposes and preferences.

In order to help you make decision as to which you would like to get, we have written this Yeti Hopper vs Roadie comparison.

Yeti Hopper vs Roadie: How Does Each Stack Up?

We have created a list of features for each of the these coolers. These lists include the advantages of using each product in comparison to the other. We will cover each of them one after the other.

Yeti Hopper Features

The Yeti Hopper was originally released in 2014. Due to its popularity, a new and improved version, the Hopper Two (see on Amazon), was released in March 2017. The list of features below are similar in both of these versions.

  • Sizes: Comes in three different sizes (volume capacities); 20, 30, and 40 quarts.
  • Puncture-resistant: The Hopper line features a puncture-resistant DryHide shell. This is great if you are going to be carrying this around on foot while you are in the woods.
  • 100% leak-proof: It is important for a cooler to be completely leak-proof. Even with the soft-shell Hopper coolers, there will be no leaks once the ice melts. The zipper is also completely leak-proof, and borrows its design from HazMat suits.
  • Soft shell: The Hopper was specifically made to have a soft shell. This facilitates the portability of these coolers. Instead of having a box cooler bumping against your legs, you get to have one that you can carry like a backpack.
  • Easier to carry: The Hopper coolers can be carried over the shoulders, on the back, or in your hands. There is a large strap for your shoulders, and carry handles on both sides. If you are going to go long distances with your cooler, the Hopper is the best choice.
  • Carries more: The 20 quart Hopper can carry 14 cans of beer. This is two more cans than the 20 quart Roadie.

Yeti Roadie Features

The Roadie has its own advantages over the Hopper. But this is only based on how you want to use the cooler.

  • Only available in one size: While the Hopper is available in three sizes, the Roadie only comes in a 20 quart volume capacity. The design of the Roadie is much like the typical box cooler. The main difference is that it is more portable.
  • Ultra rugged: Due to the Rotomolded construction of the Roadie and its hard body surface, it is actually more durable than the Hopper. This cooler can be banged around and dropped without succumbing to any damage.
  • Bear-proof: The Roadie was specifically created with a bear-proof design.
  • Weight: The Roadie weighs more than the Hopper. When empty, it weighs 15 pounds, but can carry 20 pounds of ice.
  • Carry capacity: This cooler can hold 14 cans of beer when carrying the recommended 2:1 ice-to-contents ratio.

Price Comparison

In order to compare prices, please see the links below:

The Verdict

While these coolers are of the same quality, they can be used for slightly different purposes. For example, if you are going to be going on long treks in the wilderness, the Hopper is your best choice. The bag tapers at the top, and allows you to comfortably carry it over your shoulders. But if you are only going to go on a boat, or on a night by the wharf, the Roadie is a great choice. One advantage the the Roadie is that it will remain open as long as you do not close it shut. This is great for fishing, or for having several beer on hand for a small group.

The insulation on both of these coolers provide the same quality thermal protection. The choice to be made is one of comfort and utility. There’s also the fact that the Hopper comes in larger sizes than the Roadie.

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