Yeti Rambler vs Rtic: What So Many People Wonder

The Yeti Rambler and the Rtic are two very popular drinking bottles. While the Yeti has a cult following, the Rtic came out after the Yeti and has only been popular in recent years.

They are very comparable in look and function. While the Yeti is the original of the two, the Rtic is considered the ‘no name’ brand. But how do these two compare? We have created this Yeti Rambler vs Rtic comparison in order to settle the confusion and let you know if there are any differences in performance. We will see if there are any advantages to purchasing one or the other.

Before we get into are wheel comparison between the Yeti and the Rtic, we will first cover the common features that they have.

What the Yeti Rambler and the Rtic Have in Common

We have a feeling that the Rtic design is based off of the Yeti. While they do have some differences, we want to first cover what makes them so awesome.

Yeti and Rtic Features

  • Excellent insulation: Both of these drinking bottles have a double wall and vacuum insulation. This provides great protection against the outside temperature. While some other drinking bottles will have some condensation on the outside, neither of these bottles develop condensation.
  • Made of stainless steel: The durability of these bottles can be attributed to their stainless steel construction. This also provides with a modern and appealing look. Keep in mind that these bottles are not dishwasher-safe.
  • Ice keeps for 24 hours: With both of these bottles, ice will keep for over 24 hours.
  • Keep drinks hot all day: Your hot drinks will stay hot all day regardless of which of these bottles you use.
  • Dent-proof: Unlike some other high-quality bottles, the Yeti and the Rtic are dent-proof. If you will be using these bottles on most days, dent-proofing is important. By not having dents in your bottle, they maintain the attractive appeal of the stainless steel.


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5 Differences Between the Yeti and the Rtic

Now, here is the fun part! We get to compare the original Yeti Rambler to the Rtic. The question that was foremost on our minds is whether the cheaper Rtic holds up to the same quality standards as the Yeti. Better yet, does the Rtic have some advantages over the Yeti? Read on and see how they compare.

  1. Insulation: Both of these bottles have the same amount of quality insulation. Ice cubes will melt roughly at around the 26 hours mark with both bottles. Hot liquids will also remain hot for the same amount of time.
  2. Weight: While the Yeti and the Rtic come in various size options, we compared both of these based on size. Overall, the Yeti weighed slightly more than the Rtic.
  3. Shape: The Rtic is slightly narrower and taller than the Yeti. According to Rtic, the reason why they made theirs narrower is so that they would fit better into cup holders. They also fit better into the hands, as they are easier to grip. It also does not make a difference in terms of the amount of ice that you can put into your bottle.
  4. Straw insert: The Yeti does not have an opening in which you can put a straw. But the Rtic can accommodate a regular sized straw. This is great for people who want to drink a lot of cold liquids without needing to tip their bottle.
  5. Cap or lid: Both the Yeti and the Rtic come with a see-through lid that has an opening for liquids to come out. However, you can purchase the Yeti with a cap instead of a lid. With the cap, you can twist it on and not have to worry about any liquid coming out in your backpack. However, since it does not have an opening, you will not be able to drink out of the cap.

Price Comparison

On average, the Rtic is half the price of the Yeti. If you would like to compare prices for all of the Yeti and Rtic models, please see below:

The Verdict

Although the Yeti and the Rtic are of the same quality, the Rtic is half the price of the Yeti. Moreover, the Rtic offers a slightly slimmer profile, thus allowing it to be inserted into cup holders and facilitating the grip in the hands. Another advantage of the Rtic is that has a straw insert and its lid. We feel that the major advantage to the Yeti is the fact that it can also come with a cap instead of a lid.

The comparison between these two bottles is quite simple. If you prefer to have a cap on your bottle, you can purchase the Yeti (with cap) and get the lid separately. But we like the Rtic for the fact that it is priced very inexpensively for the value that you are getting.

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