Tumi Alpha 2 vs Alpha Bravo: Suitcases And Backpacks

Tumi is the creator of high end luggage pieces and backpacks. These are considered high-end because of their look as well as the attention to detail that was put into the design. Most Tumi pieces are made with ballistic nylon, which is a highly durable fabric.

The alpha 2 and the alpha bravo are pieces that people often associate with each other. We have created this Tumi Alpha 2 vs Alpha Bravo comparison in order to inform you about the differences between them.

What Makes the Tumi Alpha 2 and the Alpha Bravo different

We have created the synopsis below so that you can see a list of all of the main features of each of these backpack models.

Tumi Alpha 2 Features

The Alpha 2 is a carry on luggage piece that has spinner wheels. Unlike the alpha bravo backpack, you can roll this luggage piece around without needing to put weight on your back.

  • Height: 21.5 inches high
  • Tracer tag: The Alpha 2 comes with a tracer tag attached to the body of the carry on. Tracer tag, your luggage in case it does get lost.
  • Ballistic nylon fabric: As with many Tumi bags, the fabric on the Alpha 2 is a ballistic nylon. Nylon is one of the most durable materials that can be used in a luggage piece. This stands in contrast with the polyester that is often used in the other luggage pieces.
  • Spinner Wheels: The spinner Wheels on the Alpha 2 have 360 Mobility. You can roll this around freely without having to worry about re-adjusting.
  • Suits and dresses: There is a suitor section inside of the main compartment for suits and dresses. Specifically, there is a hanger bracket inside of this compartment so that you can hang two suits or dresses.
  • Expandable: The Alpha 2 is expandable to 2 inches from its original size. This extra 2 inches happens in the main compartment.
  • Telescopic handle: There is an aluminum telescopic handle that can be pulled out of the alpha 2 for easy rolling.
  • Large mesh pocket: In order to store your toiletries and other smaller items, there is a mesh pocket inside the main compartment.

Tumi Alpha Bravo Features

Unlike the Alpha 2, the alpha bravo is a backpack. Instead of rolling this one around, you carry it on your back using the shoulder straps. Here are the features that make the alpha bravo unique:

  • Height: 15.7 inches high
  • Casual design: The alpha bravo was designed for several uses, such as for business or school. You can use the alpha bravo on your daily commute and look super dapper.
  • Main compartment: The main compartment of the alpha bravo is tall and roomy. It also has a special session for your files and folders.
  • Electronics compartments: The alpha bravo has an iPad pocket and a laptop sleeve.
  • Ballistic nylon: The ballistic nylon on this backpack makes it very durable compared to most backpacks on the market.
  • Genuine leather accents: The accents on the alpha bravo are made of genuine leather.
  • Waterproof side pockets: The inner lining of the pockets have a waterproof quality. Using these waterproof Side Pockets, you can store your umbrella or your water bottle. There is a side pocket on each side of the backpack.
  • Tracer tag: Like the Alpha 2, if your alpha bravo gets lost, you can trace it back by using the attached tracer tag.
  • Monogram tags: You can put our monogram over the backpack using the special monogrammed tags that are stitched onto the front pocket.

Price Comparison

To compare the best prices between the alpha 2 and the alpha bravo, please see the links below:

The Verdict

In comparing the Alpha 2 and the alpha bravo, we find that the biggest difference is the fact that one of them is rolled while the other is carried on the shoulders. Also, the Alpha 2 is twice as large as the alpha bravo. The reason why the Alpha 2 would be made into a rolled suitcase is the fact that it is quite large.

The alpha bravo does have a laptop compartment, while the Alpha 2 does not. Also, the Alpha 2 can carry suits and dresses, while the alpha bravo cannot.

The choice between these backpacks depends on the use that you want to get out of it.

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