Sheex Sheets Review

Sheex Original Performance Sheet


87% Polyester / 13% Spandex


Extra soft to the touch




Stretches to fit your mattress


Wicking properties to keep you dry


Releases trapped heat to make you feel cooler


More breathable than regular cotton


Comes in various sizes


Thick elastic for a snug fit over the mattress


Wrinkle resistant



  • The sheen makes your bedroom look great
  • Machine washable
  • Reduces temperature fluctuations
  • Feels more luxurious than traditional bed sheets
  • Very soft on your skin


  • Some find these sheets a bit too stretchy.
  • They are very silky and will easily slip
  • The pillow cases tend to be a bit too long

Many people overlook the importance of having proper betting sheets for the purpose of having a good night’s sleep. However, not all sheets are made equal, and it is important to understand whether you have the need or desire to bring the benefits of sleeping with higher quality that sheets. That is why we have created this Sheex Sheets review. You may have heard about the Sheex Sheets and would like to know more before making a purchase. We will inform you as to all of the features of the sheets and give you an honest review.

What Should You Look For In A Bed Sheet?

What to look for in a bed sheet is difficult to say without proper guidance. Some assume that all sheets are roughly made equal and simply don’t realize that they can make or break a good nights sleep. Here are some of the most common benefits to purchasing a nice set of quality bed sheets:

  • You will feel cooler in the summer
  • Heat will not get trapped within the bed sheets, which will prevent temperature fluctuations
  • Better quality materials will feel better on the skin
  • Your sheets are likely to look more luxurious on your bed and enhance the look of your bedroom
  • Purchasing bed sheets that contain a percentage of spandex will help to give your sheets the perfect fit on your mattress

How Sheex Got Started

The story of Sheex starts in 2007 when Michelle Brook-Marciniak and Susan Walvius, two basketball coaches, decided that it would be great for people to have bed sheets that are made out of athletic gear. The rest of the story is not relevant to this review, but we thought it would be interesting to note that Sheex got started by two women Her really just wanted to make an impact and help people get a better night’s sleep.

Why Buy Synthetic?

Many people will say that they swear by cotton sheets. But there are many reasons why someone might want to stick with synthetic sheets. As the Sheex sheets are purposefully made to be stretchy, it is of no coincidence that they contain a certain percentage of spandex.

By getting a sheet that is stretchy, you are better able to fit it around a larger mattress. There are no more rips and tears when it can’t simply fit around a corner properly. The elastic sheet also comes with high quality stitching.

Customers of the Sheex sheets also love how soft and luxurious they feel. You could not get this kind of softness with 100% cotton sheets. The luxury of the constitution of these sheets also is reflected in the way that they provide an interesting sheen to its surface.

All in all, you can make your bedroom look more luxurious, as well as have a more luxurious feel to your bed sheets by getting Sheex instead of your traditional cotton sheets.

In Conclusion

Purchasing bedroom sheets is something that can greatly improve the quality of your sleep patterns. But this is only true if you purchase the right sheets for you. While many will assume that cotton sheets are the only way to go, that is not completely true.

Sheex was inspired by athletic gear; the sort of athletic gear that stretches to allow for movement and wicks away moisture. It is very soft to the touch and silky enough that it may slip a little from underneath.

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