Tumi Alpha 2 vs Briggs Riley Baseline

The Tumi and Briggs & Riley luggage companies create very similar looking pieces. This is likely due to the fact that high-end pieces generally look alike. The Alpha 2 and the Baseline are professional-looking and very classic. Due to the fact that they have been created with Ballistic nylon, they are also highly durable.

Customers often wonder which of these luggage pieces is actually the best for them. This is why we have created our Tumi Alpha 2 vs Briggs Riley Baseline comparison.

What makes the Alpha 2 and the Briggs Riley Baseline similar

Before we go over what features they have that are different, we will go over what makes them similar.

  • Durable material: Both of these suitcases are made with Ballistic nylon. Ballistic nylon is far more durable than polyester, which means that these luggage pieces are cut above the rest.
  • Meets carry-on standards: The Alpha 2 and the Baseline both meet carry-on standards with most Airlines. While they can be used in the overhead compartment, you would not be able to place them under your seat.
  • Suit and dress storage: Special compartment in both of these suitcases for two suits or dresses. Pull these have hanger brackets that allow you to hang them up and fold them down.
  • TSA locks: These two cases have TSA locks so that you do not have to use a padlock. Having a combination lock instead of a padlock prevents you from needing to carry around a key and possibly lose the key.
  • Spinner Wheels: These suitcases have spinner wheels that were designed for ease of rolling around corners.
  • Telescoping handle: The handle on the suitcases pulls out and expands to allow you to roll it around. You can contract the telescoping handles back into the suitcase without a taking up space in the main compartment.

Tumi Alpha 2 and Briggs Riley Baseline Comparison

Below, we will go over the features that make these suitcases different from each other.

  • Protective corner guards: The Briggs Riley Baseline suitcase has protective corner guards on all four corners.
  • Expansion capacity: The Alpha 2 can expand lengthwise by two inches inside of the main compartment. The Baseline suitcase can expand its packing capacity by 25%.
  • Garment panels: The baseline has garment panels that compress the content of the main compartment. When you are carrying clothing around, this prevents the pavane from shifting around and minimizes wrinkles.
  • Tri-fold garment: The tri-fold garment folder and the baseline is built-in, and gives you extra protection for your clothes. A foam roll where is included in order to prevent wrinkling.

Alpha 2

Dimensions: 22″ x 14″ x 9″
Weight: 9 lbs

Briggs Riley Baseline

Dimensions: 20.5″ x 13.5″ x 7″
Weight: 8 lbs

Price Comparison

In order to compare the best prices for the Alpha 2 and the Baseline, please see the links below:

The Verdict

In comparing these two suitcases, we feel that there is a clear winner here. The Briggs Riley Baseline simply has more features than the Alpha 2. Includes all the same features as the Alpha 2 and more. Furthermore, at the time of this writing (May 26th, 2017), the Baseline suitcase is actually less expensive on Amazon than the Alpha 2.

We feel that there is no contest between them. If you would like to make your own case as to which at least suitcase you feel is best, please leave your comment below.

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