Datrex Food Bar: 3600 Calorie Emergency Hiking Food Bar Review

The Datrex 3600 Calorie Food Bar is a meal supplement that contains several separate segments that can be broken off into different pieces. Due to its being so rich in calories, one can use this for sport or traveling long distances.

Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar - 3 Day/72 Hour Bar - Single PackI personally like this bar due to its low cost relative to the number of calories it contains.

I initially bought one to take on a long hiking trip in case of an emergency, but then decided that it would make a great addition to my office food drawer. Whenever I get hungry throughout the day, and I don’t have lunch on hand, I break off a piece of the bar and I get a surge of energy that lasts me a couple of hours.

The Datrex food bar is used by the U.S. Coast Guard for emergency rescue missions. You can use this bar as an emergency ration for your long treks out in the middle of nowhere.

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Datrex Nutrition

The Datrex food bar contains 18, 200-calorie segments that are individually wrapped for easy transportation. It also makes it easy to count calories as you eat through the bar. Based on a 1,200 calories diet, just one of these bars will provide you with food supply that will last you 3 days.

How the Datrex Bars Taste

If you are wondering how it tastes, many report that they like the rich coconut flavor. A word of warning… If you are allergic to coconuts, please do not purchase this bar. As it contains all-natural ingredients, the coconut flavor is no different.

Datrex Bars Features

  • 1 Datex 3,600 calorie food bar contains 18 bar segments of 200 calories
  • Each bar segment is prewrapped for ease of transportation
  • 100% natural with no preservatives
  • USCG approved
  • 5-year shelf life
  • Does not provoke thirst
  • Can sustain 1 adult for 3 days
  • The awesome, coconut flavor
  • Weighs 4 pounds

My Own Observations about the Datrex Bars

When I first received my Datrex food bar in the mail, I noticed that it weighed more than I thought it would. This is likely due to the fact its low moisture content, as the manufacturer’s aim was to make it as compact as possible. Although the bar does not make one thirsty, you may want to aid your digestive system with plenty of liquids; this is true of any food ration.

Each bar segment is wrapped in thin cellophane, which may rip easily depending on how you are transporting it. Personally, I wrapped the bar around a plastic bag in case part of the cellophane bursts. I am also extra careful when I remove the cellophane, as the bar does have a tendency to crumble.

Where to Buy the Datrex Bars

The Datrex Bars are available on Amazon in different calorie packs and boxes. Go directly to Amazon to view the latest price.

Datrex 3600 Emergency Food Bar - 3 Day/72 Hour Bar...
  • Package of 18 survival bars with 200 Calories per bar, 3600 Calories per pack

The Verdict

The Datrex 3,600 calorie food bar provides sustenance for 1 adult for 3 days. Despite the fact that it does not have much nutritional value, it can come in handy for anyone wanting an emergency food ration. After all, emergencies do happen.

As I live near the Atlantic ocean, hurricanes tend to hit us every year, and blizzards are also pretty common. Apart from taking this along with me on hiking trips, I also keep an emergency stash of this at home. Last year, the electricity went out for 1 week after a winter storm, and my spouse and I were glad that we had the several bars on hand, as it prevented us from having to knock on our relative’s doors asking if they had any extra food.

Also, as I do like the coconut flavor, I keep a stash of it in my office for when I need a snack. I find it cheaper than buying chocolate bars. Additionally,  I also break the bar into its individual segments and keep them in a hard container to keep them intact. I also bring a bottle full of spring water from home to keep my digestive system vital.

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